“Female foot size is not a smaller clone of male feet size,” Evidence reveals that female feet have a higher foot base and a smaller heel than their foot’s ball, while male feet are often longer and wider overall.
In addition to causing lowered arches and bunions, forcingwomen into wearing shoes meant for men may causediscomfort to their feet (usually caused by a sneaker being too high), blistering, and other hazardous consequences, according to Gray. We are JENN ARDOR. We offer stylish, high-quality, comfortable shoes, and we do it with full passion at an affordable price.Our story started in Greece back in 1996, when Jenny and Jim, now a husband & wife team, were brought together by passion and their love for shoes. They were determined to showcase their ability to design perfect shoes for every type of girl.

JENN ARDOR aims to provide every-lasting, day and night comfort to its she-customers.



We created JENN ARDOR for women looking for shoes designed for women; for those who have to compromise on style, those who are forced to buy shoes that don't fit, and those with very small, large or uneven shoes and feet Provides support for people with complex shapes and difficulty finding the right shoes.



Since the beginning of time, ladies have often been left out in the cold when it comes to sneakers. It has been a common misconception that Sneaker Shoes are meant for just men. Well, that is not the case anymore. Our team has shoes made specifically for women in order to allow women to really call the shots. Many well-known designers were invited to conduct in-depth research on women's feet to create JENN ARDOR shoes exclusively for women.


In order to manufacture shoes exclusively for women, JENN ARDOR consulted the designs of many brands and visited many women's shoe factories. All shoes are designed with women's foot structure and wearing comfort in mind.
JENN ARDOR takes pride in manufacturing women’s shoes from synthetic material. The brand uses quality sustainable fabrics to engage with the modern customer.
The rubber sole used in JENN ARDOR shoes help correct feet posture. Our shoes incorporate extensive research to protect feet from sudden impact while running, jogging, or walking.
In addition, our shoes shape alleviates heel, knee, and foot pain. The shoes are easy to store and lightweight also. They provide just the correct support where women feel they are walking on clouds with its super-foam interior.


We have multiple warehouses located all over the world. The main warehouses are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and other European and American regions. Excellent warehouse management and fast logistics allow our customers to receive their purchased JENN ARDOR shoes within 3-5 days