Our Story


We are JENN ARDOR. We offer stylish, high-quality, comfortable shoes, and we do it with full passion at an affordable price.

Our story started in Greece back in 1996, when Jenny and Jim, now a husband & wife team, were brought together by passion and their love for shoes. They were determined to showcase their ability to design perfect shoes for every type of girl.

Leonardo da Vinci described the human foot as "a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art". Our shoes have been engineered to keep your feet healthy. For years we’ve studied how your foot is at rest and work and put this information into our designs to keep your feet not just healthy but happy!

The journey to get to where we are now was not without great difficulty. Yet, if one has a great passion for something one must never stop! Here we are! Coming to you as JENN ARDOR, with the goal of working hard every single day to get one step closer to our dream - offering you the perfect shoes!

We hope one of these days, you will wear a pair of JENN ARDOR. You will feel all the passion they bear and walk towards your own passion of life. We hope that day is today.

We are JENN ARDOR. We are Fashion With Passion.