Sneaker Culture: It’s Not Just for Men

Since the beginning of time, ladies have often been left out in the cold when it comes to sneakers. Men have exclusive designs from several labels, such as Supreme, Palace, and the Adidas Yeezy shoe line. Several companies have provided Women’s-specific color ways and releases in the past – Puma’s partnership with Rhianna’s Fenty comes immediately to mind – but the great majority of them have been very uninteresting.

It has been a common misconception that Sneaker Shoes are meant for just men. Well, that is not the case anymore. Not only are these comfortable sports shoes worn by women, but many famous brands are making sneakers specifically to target female customers. Brands like Sopiha Webster, Jimmy Choo, and Jenn ardor have made a name for themselves by designing top class Women’s shoes.

Jenn ardor specifically focuses on producing shoes just for women by using women specific dimensions and high quality material to produce desirable shoes for women. Let’s keep reading to know more about how brands such as Jenn ardor, Puma, Adidas,etc. have impacted the Sneaker Culture by producing sneakers and other sports shoes for female target market!

Why do women always choose the smaller of the men’s sizes?

Men and women having different shoe sizes have everything to do with the physiology of men and women. When a person reaches maturity, the physical characteristics of each sex vary. When you compare ten boys with ten girls, all 18 years old, you’ll see that male feet are typically broader and more protracted. That is because males have relatively wider feet, whereas women have narrower feet.

There are exceptions! Ladies purchase sneakers from the men’s area or men who need to get footwear from the kids’ section, etc. Well, there is no need for that anymore, thanks to designers who are shifting towards women-centric shoe designs. A common example is Jenn ardor, a shoe company that specializes in designing women’s shoes.

Jenn Ardor specifically focuses on studying women’s feet to design shoes as per the liking of female customers. Not just this, Jenn Ardor ensures to provide shoe sizes for all size and shape feet.

When most people go to a shoe shop, they measure their foot length and figure out what size they need based on the brand or measurement type. For example, a woman’s European 38 is like 25cm. Yet, a man’s and a woman’s foot length of 25cm is not identical when it comes to weight. As a result, attempting to fit a 25cm man’s foot into a 25cm woman’s shoe is unlikely to succeed.

As a result, since it is necessary to account for variances in three dimensions, it is not possible to create a single size chart that can be used for men, women, and children. Hence, creating a size chart for each gender independently is more convenient. Which is what the brand Jenn ardor has done. This makes the consumers buying decision so much more easier.

Why isn’t there a shoe designed specifically for women?

Shoe industries and individual businesses are raising fingers that there is a severe lack of sports shoes for women. Women’s shoes should be made in factories keeping in mind a women’s foot-shaped template. Many customers also have felt the lack of women’s shoes which results in them opting for men or unisex design shoes.

Traditionally companies used to make men’s, women’s, and even children’s shoes. Shoes were traditionally designed to fit the foot of a big male athlete. Even though the colors have changed today, the relative sizes have not altered. A size nine men’s sneaker might be used to construct a women’s shoe in size 10-12 widths.

If the feet of both males and females were similar, this approach might have gotten away with it. A 2009 research showed that, “Female foot size is like a smaller clone of male feet size,” Evidence reveals that female feet have a higher foot base and a smaller heel than their foot’s ball, while male feet are often longer and wider overall.

In addition to causing lowered arches and bunions, forcingwomen into wearing shoes meant for men may causediscomfort to their feet (usually caused by a sneaker being too high), blistering, and other hazardous consequences, according to Gray. Therefore, some sports brands have taken it upon them themselves to design shoes specifically to meet the foot frame of women. Plenty of athletic and outdoor brands are now developing shoes tailored that are gender specific as well.

All the women’s shoes made by Puma, Reebok, and Adidas are built on women’s-specific foot frames. Many sportswear shoes, such as the Air Force 1, are still built on a unisex mold, even though Nike builds its performance shoes on gender models. In addition, Keen, Asics, and Altra all offer at least one women-specific shoe at any given time. There is just one company that still develops all of its shoes as unisex for both males and females, and that business is Brooks.

Women-Centric Shoe Brands

Jenn Ardor

The shoes made by JENN ARDOR are specifically designed for ladies. By choosing these women's walking shoes with a unique design, you may bring uniqueness to your clothing and your feet. The shoes are distinguished by a toe design that is innovative.

There is also a variant of the shoes available! The shoes with an elastic mouth are comfortable for all foot types.Jenn Ardor takes pride in manufacturing women’s shoes from synthetic material. In other words, the material is not derived from animal harm. The brand uses quality sustainable fabrics to engage with the modern customer.

The rubber sole used in women’s shoes help correct feet posture. The shoes incorporate extensive research to protect feet from sudden impact while running, jogging, or walking. The signature structure stabilizes the feet for routine or athletic activities.

In addition, the shoe shape alleviates heel, knee, and foot pain. The shoes are easy to store and lightweight also. They provide just the correct support where women feel they are walking on clouds with its super-foam interior. Jenn Ardor aims to provide every-lasting, day and night comfort to its she-customers.

Hoka Bondi 7

Women on wear-test team have been pleased by Hoka’s lightest-weight shoes, such as the Rincon 3, which provide ample padding for runs exceeding double-digit distance. Comfort is elevated to an even higher degree with the Bondi 7, the brand’s most maximalist model, which has a midsole that is even more lavishly cushioned.

The feeling of “running on clouds” is created by the large block of filled EVA foam under the feet. Because women are more likely than males to suffer from foot discomfort, they incline toward these extremely padded sneakers. The Bondi 7 is a trustworthy maximally cushioned shoe for long runs and marathon foundation development.


The famous Ultraboost has reached the age of 22. The women’s version of these sneakers has been produced by a group of women who have gone through foot scan data worldwide. Adidas designed a new women’s-specific last with a thinner heel and a lower instep to better fit the female foot.

To counteract flat feet, the medial section of the sole has a tight rubber structure to provide additional stability.  The Q angles of women are often more significant than those of males. So, According to the Adidas shoe design team, the Ultraboost 22 also provides a more significant energy return.

When the product is only available in men’s sizes, and the style is close to men’s, what should women do?

What should you do if you have a strong need for a pair of shoes that are only available in men’s sizes and styles, but you cannot get them? If the shoe’s design appeals to them, most women will not hesitate to purchase it. Because of this, there has been a recent shift in the shoe market where several shoe brands have started producing women’s shoes.

When attempting to find a women’s sneaker size, it is essential to know how shoes are created, what you are searching for. Also, keep in mind that you may wear whichever shoes you like if they are comfortable. Some ladies prefer men’s running shoes, while others prefer women’s running shoes. This is why Jenn Ardor and Adidas introduce women’s shoes to solve this recurring problem.

One of the essential things that ladies should look for when purchasing sneakers is that the running shoes have a little more space, so they should choose a size according to women’s foot charts.

Can Women Wear Men’s Shoes?

According to the sizing chart, women may wear men’s running shoe designs if their shoe size is converted to a men’s size. A lady with a size 5 foot, for example, would wear a 3.5 in boys’ shoes. Children’s shoes will not be nearly as broad as a man’s, which might be beneficial in certain situations.

Women can be pushed into men’s sizes if they wear a big size, such as a nine or a 10. Males’ shoes are often cut somewhat broader than women’s sneakers since men tend to have somewhat larger feet, are taller, and weigh a little bit more on average than women.

This method might be beneficial for ladies with large feet who cannot find shoes that fit correctly. However, brands like Jenn Ardor have eliminated the need for women to wear men’s shoes at all by designing shoes specifically to cater the needs of women only.


Since the sneaker business is dominated by male footwear, it may be difficult for women to locate sneakers that are the ideal fit. However, recently many specialized shoe manufacturers and brands have taken the initiative of making unique women’s shoes on the market. This has opened up a wild range of shoe choices that women may not have thought were capable of wearing in the past.

The brand suggestions provided above will assist you in finding the perfect shoe for all women in your family. We recommend checking out the JENN ARDOR’s official page. Have a great time on your shoe hunt!

Jennardor has a variety of shoes for you to choose from on their website. You may be able to get by with only one pair of shoes that may transform into a range of footwear depending on your needs. You may now shop for women's sneakers to high heels on their website.

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