What is natural Vachetta leather?

Natural Vachetta is unprocessed leather made of cow skin, and it has not yet been colored or maintained using synthetic methods or additives. This type of leather doesn’t remain the same due to its natural properties. It acquires a beautiful and distinctive vintage look over time due to the natural browning of the leather from sunlight exposure, natural oil, humidity, and sweat from your palms.

The Natural Vachetta Leather has been utilized for footwear, clothing, equipment, and everything in between from the dawn of time. Natural Vachetta is a vegetable-tanned leather, a relatively new addition to the world of fashion.

Natural Vachetta Leather is an unprocessed Italian leather commonly used to finish suitcases and handbags. High-end companies like Louis Vuitton and Coach have promoted this leather, which fades readily and darkens in the sunshine.

This article reviews why Natural Vachetta Leather is used and how to maintain it.

How and why is Natural Vachetta leather used?

Vachetta is adaptable. It's in purses, handbags, furnishings, and shoes. This leather is extremely soft, and leather artisans adore handling it. It cuts well and adapts itself to embossed, crafted, stitched, and molded into shape.

As a result, it is also ideal for inner shoe surfaces. It molds to the contour of the feet only after a few years, which is likely one of the factors why most customers mention that their shoe experience has been comfortable from day one. Vachetta linings are used in all kinds of footwear, boots, and trainers, not just formal shoes. 

If you want to buy shoes and leather handbags made out of Natural Vachetta Leather, we recommend checking out JENN ARDOR’s website. They offer all kinds of leather, from pull-up to pebbled to full-grain leather. Their main products are shoes made of Vachetta Leather.


How to Look After Vachetta Leather?

Vachetta leather is sturdy and long-lasting, making it low maintenance. However, it is important to take proper care of leather items; therefore, here are a few pointers about looking after Vachetta leather.

You may not worry about leather maintenance since your feet are inside your shoes, so your main worry is usually not the outside leather or even the leather outsole. However, it is necessary to take care of the Vachetta leather to last longer and remain comfortable.

It is much more crucial with bags since the Vachetta is exposed to water - the heat, moisture, precipitation, and anything else that comes it’s the way. You want it to appear nice while still protecting everything within.

Let's look at some of the most typical problems you could be experiencing when using a product made of Natural Vachetta Leather:


This is the most typical issue you may encounter. If you go outside on a wet day with leather shoes on, you should know that leather is a porous natural material that allows moisture to penetrate through. It's just as easy to occur on a handbag.

You may reduce the quantity of water that goes through by properly preserving your shoes or bag ahead of time. To safeguard a leather top and resist water, apply a thorough layer of well-applied finish. Whenever you wear leather sneakers, use them for water protection as required.


Stains are common and can occur on any item. If a stain mark develops on your shoe, you should, first and foremost, you should allow it to dry. Examine the stains and try if you can wash the leather gently with a moist towel or tissues. If the stain is recent, this may be sufficient to remove it.


Dirt is often unavoidable while using a bag or shoes; you lay them on the ground and transport them to other locations. Dust and grime may also get inside shoes, although this is far more prevented. And if you're not going to use your shoes for an extended period, moisten them well and put them in a dust bag. This prevents them from being a target for dirt and dust.


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