The Origin Of Valentine’s Day

Ever since we’ve been kids, we were told about this certain day that was solely dedicated to lovers. Being kids, we went along with it and all that but as we grew up, I’m sure every single one of us has wondered ‘what is the origin of Valentines day?’. Well, you’re not alone. Today I’ve done my research which I’ll be sharing with you a lot.

It is a very diverse concept with quite a meaningful background. So, grab your popcorns, sit back and relax while reading this article. You’re in for a long and meaningful story. Keep reading to find out more!

Valentine’s Day

Slip On Shoes

Now, there are different origins to have been said by several different sources. But the two that I think were the most logical were as follows.

People in Great Britain breed that in the mid of February, there was an unusual increase in the mating of different birds which they somehow related with affection and lovers. So, this day is largely celebrated by lovers to show their love and affection for one another. They often buy sugary stuff or shop for certain items that show their love for the other individual.

Another theory suggests that on 14th February, two people from Valentine’s family were executed for a crime. Which is supposed, one of the Valentine’s had written a ‘Valentine’s’ letter to a girl he had fallen in love with. It is even said that the girl was previously tortured by the said Valentine. And just before his execution, his last letter to the girl he loved was titled ‘from your Valentine’.

There is still no solid proof of the origin of Valentine’s Day. On the contrary, people do go by the first theory and believe that it is a day made for lovers. So, now that you somewhat know the origin of Valentine’s Day, it is better to start preparing for the day. People often buy sugary items for their significant others.

While others usually buy apparel or shoes for their lovers. Shoes are an amazing item to gift your significant other as it reminds them of the person who gifted them to them every time, they use the shoes. Keeping this in mind, it becomes crucial to buy and gift your significant other the kind of shoes that are comfortable while fashionable as well. Following are a few good gifts.

Slip on sneakers

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These WOMEN SLIP-ON SHOES are also known as sneakers help the user comfortably travel from one place to another, especially if the journey is going to belong. Making sure that feeling comfortable while being trendy as well as something that almost everyone prioritizes. It is highly likely that it is also the case with your significant other. So, go for those for a quick resort.

Overall shoes for women are an amazing gift that not only seems suitable for day-to-day tasks but are pretty amazing for doing low work and traveling and sometimes even hiking. So, don’t just get one for your lover, you can get two pairs to even match with your significant other! This is pretty common and let’s admit it, it does look cute as well.


To sum up, the user must know what's going on in their life and the perfect gift. For occasions such as valentine’s day, we recommend you go and check out JENN ARDOR's collection as they will for the perfect gift. All the while, keep in mind the pros and cons of the product that you're going to gift. Make sure the product is worthy of being gifted. Aside from that, you're good to go! Make sure to comment on your experiences and let us know if the article helped you in any way!

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