How to Extend the Life of your Sneakers? Dos and Don’ts

Women’s sneakers are the go-to shoes for any day! They are super comfortable and easy-going. However, they require care and precautionary measures. After all, we all want our favorite sneakers to stay with us for a long time. That is when one thinks about how to extend the life of sneakers.

Women Sneakers

If you are pondering about it, we have got you covered. Here, we will shed light on the important tips for caring for your dear sneakers. Honestly, these tips will revitalize your favorite pair of sneakers.

Let us begin with the tips for extending the life of your sneakers. We will be looking into it in terms of Dos and Don’ts. That way, it will give you clarity.

Dos of Extending the Life of your Sneakers!

Getting straight to it.

  • The very first thing is to opt for quality and make an informed decision. If you want sneakers to last long, you need to pick the right brand. Look for ethical and credible brands offering women’s comfortable shoes. Now, if your sneakers are from Jenn Ardor, you will not need to do much. As sneakers from Jenn Ardor are high in quality and made to last long! Still, your gentle care can extend their life. Starting with a strong foundation will ease the measures to care for your sneakers.

  • Secondly, always clean gently but properly after wearing them. Use a soft wet cloth. If you see any stain or spot, take immediate action; otherwise, it will not come off. You can find special sneaker cleaning liquid solutions. However, use minimally.

  • Third, use a quality shoe-protector spray for your sneakers. Doing this will keep your sneakers safe from liquids and dirt.

  • Always keep your sneakers in a specific clean compartment in your closet. Always use dust bags to store them with care. Doing so will keep your sneakers clean and sturdy. You can also use hard shoe boxes to ensure optimal care. It will also keep your shoe rack organized. Moreover, it will prevent sneaker damage. Simply slide your sneakers into a dust bag after gently cleaning them.

  • Have a dedicated time set for caring for your sneakers. After all, they keep you all comfy and help you look cooler. Check your women’s sneakersfor regular maintenance. See, there is any spot. Check for any scratches or threads coming out. If you cannot fix it, take them to a good cobbler.

Now, let us talk about the Don’ts of sneaker care.

Don’ts of Extending your Sneakers’ Life!

  • First, never go for low-quality sneakers. Your feet will thank you for investing in good-quality sneakers. Sneakers made with low-quality synthetic materials will soon be worn out.

  • Next, do not ever soak your sneakers in water. If you feel the need for it, do not soak them for more than 5 minutes. It will seriously affect the attachments and stitch. Plus, always dry them off properly.

  • Do not use chemically strong cleaning agents on your sneakers. You need to go gentle on them. Using such agents can disrupt the print and material. Many people use strong detergents, which is a big mistake. Instead, you can get dedicated and affordable sneaker cleaning products.

  • Do not leave your sneakers without stuffing when not in use. Always stuff them with something. You can get small shoetrees. That way, your sneakers will stay in the right shape.

Applying these tips will actually extend the life of your sneakers with minimal effort. Sneakers deserve care! After all, they keep you comfortable. You can check women’s sneakers at Jenn Ardor if you wish to look cool and want your sneakers to last longer.

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